Commercial Food Slicers

If you own your own butcher shop, you can expand your business by offering deli cut meat and cheeses with our Electric Commercial Food Slicers. You can custom slice thin to thick slices of roast beef, turkey, chicken and other lunch meats, as well as different blocks of cheeses. Your customers will like the added selections and options available while increasing your profits.

An electric slicer can also be used in the home for people that want to save money and slice their own meat. Blocks of cheeses are less expensive than purchasing pre-sliced cheeses. Home meat slicers can slice up your favorite cuts of meat, once cooked providing you the ability to slice up your own lunch meats and salad meats. You can use your electric meat slicer to thinly slice up a beef roast and make your own hot or cold roast beef sandwiches.

Commercial grade electric slicer butcher equipment comes with adjustable settings to select the desired thickness of the cut and is made out of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and lasts a long time. You can even slice up your favorite fruits and vegetables using the electric meat slicer for thin sliced results to be used in your family recipes.

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